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Harry Wotton, the founder of SECUROS and Everost has worked exclusively in the veterinary orthopedic and surgical device market since he founded SECUROS in 1997.  Harry founded SECUROS while attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1996. 

Harry and his brother Darroll co-founded InVictos in the summer of 2021 shortly after Everost was acquired.  Shortly after Harry entered a non-compete dispute with the buyers of Everost and had to stay on the sidelines until January 1, 2024.

With Harry’s return, he will continue his relentless pursuit of innovation, education, and dedication to the market and help further set InVictos apart from its competition.  Harry has over 20 patents for his design work in the veterinary orthopedic arena.  He has worked side by side with the world’s best veterinary orthopedic surgeons to develop, test and offer products such as the crimping system for lateral sutures, the Delta, Liberty Lock, Freedom Lock, Alpine and Summit TPLO plates, load bearing bioabsorbable implants, forkless TTA plates, cuttable TTA cages, the toggle rod system for coxo-femoral luxation, the first add-on external fixation clamps, OrthoZip lateral suture system and so many more.  Harry alongside his surgical counterparts, pioneered the way for synthetic CCL reconstruction and hip resurfacing.

“I am personally and professionally thrilled to be back in the market that I have dedicated my entire professional career to.  Being sidelined for the second time in my career has made me realize how much of a role the veterinary market plays in my life.  I look forward to continuing to innovate and push the boundaries in orthopedic implant design.  I’d also like to thank my brother Darroll Wotton for his dedication and commitment to the veterinary market and his endless efforts to get InVictos on the map.”

Harry will assume the position of CEO and CTO for InVictos and work alongside his brother to make sure the veterinary orthopedic market always has a supplier with high integrity, dedication, and honesty towards its customers.