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Veterinary Orthopedics Redefined

We’ve discovered a new approach to veterinary orthopedics, and we think you’re going to like it. A lot.

InVictos. We’re a new company with 25+ years of veterinary orthopedic experience, and we’re committed to making a difference in the industry. We have a fearless pursuit of innovation, executed with integrity and an unwavering dedication to our customers and their patients. We’re starting off with the knowledge and drive of several veterinary professionals, each having left their own mark on the advancements in pet health and orthopedics. Now with decades of research, education and product success, we’re proud to offer you a higher standard of care and service in veterinary orthopedics.

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What Sets Us Apart

InVictos works with leading engineers and manufacturers to develop innovative products for veterinarians, veterinary surgeons and their patients. With effective integration of science, research and development, plus compassion, honesty and integrity, we’re turning cutting-edge ideas into reality. Together, we’re elevating the future of veterinary care to new heights.

InVictos is different. Our mission is to redefine veterinary orthopedics by focusing on you, our customer. We’re about relationships. Building them and maintaining them. We know how important your work is. Every patient of yours is an extension of our own pet family. And because of this, we want to ensure that you have the support and resources you need to care for them. When we do our job well, you can do your job well.

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The News From Invictos


January 1, 2024

Harry Wotton returns to InVictos

Harry Wotton, the founder of SECUROS and Everost has worked exclusively in the veterinary orthopedic…